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12.8V 12AH LiFePO4 Battery, Built-in 12A BMS, 5000+ Deep Cycle

12.8V 12AH LiFePO4 Battery, Built-in 12A BMS, 5000+ Deep Cycle

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LiFePo4 Battery

12.8V 12Ah

Nominal Voltage


Charge Voltage



1.5KG /3.3LB



Max Continuous Charging Current


Max Continuous Discharging Current


Recommend Charge Current


Max Load / lnverter Power


Waterproof Class


Cycle Life

≥5000 Cycles

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5 year warranty

Analyzing your problem within 24 hrs, help solve the problem, restore battery usage, andintroduce the best use method; lf the problem cannot be resolved, Sending a new battery to replace the defective one .


5.94"x 3.87"x 3.79" (151x98.4x96.5mm).


3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg). That's 60% lighter than a traditional lead-acid.


Use 14.6V lithium battery charger to maximize the capacity.

Lifecycles (battery lifespan)

Up to 5000 cycles compared to 300~500 cycles in lead acid battery.

Operating temperature

Ideal for rugged & harsh environments. Much better than lead acid lithium’s. -4°F min, +140°F max discharging temps (battery performs well down to -4°F). Avoid charging below 32°F.


Standard F2 terminals.


Battery voltage stays above 12.5V at 90% discharged.


Recommend Charging Voltage: Between 14.2V to 14.6V.

Includes active BMS protection

Protecting it from overcharge, deep discharge, overload, overheating and short circuit, and low self-dis-charge rate.

Charging Methods

Use 14.6V lithium battery charger.

Connect in series orl andin parallel, Tips:

1、The same battery capacity (Ah); 2、From same brand (as lithium battery from different brands hastheir special BMS); 3、Purchased in near time (within one month).

About connected in parallels and in series

We suggest that the Max connectionin series is: 4 pcs batteries to 48V, the Max connection in parallels is: itcan connect multiple batteries, and no more than 10 pcs in parallel.Products of different manufacturers cannot be connected in series orin parallel. When the batteries are used in parallel or series, the voltagemust be the same.


1*12.8V 12AH Lithium Battery


  • ✓. When recharging, use the LiFeP04 battery charger specifically forthat purpose.
  • ✓. Do not strike battery with any sharp edge parts, such as Ni-tabs, pinsand needles.
  • ✓. Do not immerse the battery in water and seawater.
  • ✓. Do not use and leave the battery near a heat source as fire or heater.Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.
  • ✓. Do not discard the battery in fire or heat it, Do not bend tab.
  • ✓. The battery tabs are not so stubborn especially for aluminum tab.Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positiveand negative terminal with metal object.
  • ✓. Do not transport and store the battery together with metal objectssuch as necklaces, hairpins etc.
  • ✓. Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nailor other sharp object.


What are the advantages of the Temgot LiFePO4 battery?

Firstly, our lifepo4 batteries use the most up-to-date grade A cell technology, In addition, Temgot 12.8 volt lithium-ion batteries feature an advanced and efficient BMS system. Finally, we provide a 5-year industry-leading warranty on all Temgot lifepo4 batteries.

Does the BMS have built-in cell balancing functions?

The BMS will perform self-balancing for its cells when being charged.

The unique built-in battery management system (BMS) of our prod-uct's lithium battery can protect it from overcharge, deep discharge,overload, overheating and short circuit, and low self-discharge rate.Our BMS has a high temperature disconnect function.

Can you charge and discharge this battery at the same time?

Sure, when charging with a solar system, you can charge and discharge the battery at the same time. We suggest the discharge is no more than charge

Would this be good for a trolling motor?


20lb-30lb trolling motor, recommend 12V50Ah

30lb-70lb trolling motor, recommend 12V100Ah

70lb-100lb trolling motor, recommend 2*12V100Ah in Series = 24V100Ah

How many can i connect in series or parallel?

We suggest that the Max connection in series is: 4 pcs batteries to 48V, the Max connection in parallels is: it can connect multiple batteries,and no more than 10 pcs in parallel. Products of different manufacturers cannot be connected in