About US

Temgot: Tem got, Hope all of you got them.

From the beginning, we have had a dream to create an energy solution that can change the world. This dream led us to the road of independent research and development and production of batteries, and our brand, "Temgot" (Portuguese: Tem Got). Thus was born.

Our story began in 2009, when we were a small technological innovation company, focusing on the research and development of new energy technologies. Our team is a group of engineers, scientists and innovators with a common vision and a common goal: to create a more efficient and greener battery.

Our first battery product came out in 2014. After countless trials and improvements, we have successfully developed a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and durable lithium battery. The launch of this battery marks a solid step forward in the field of independent research and development and production of batteries.

However, we did not stop there. We know that only through continuous innovation can we truly change the world. So our team set out to develop next-generation battery technology. We hope to be able to create a battery that will provide a longer life with less environmental impact.

After several years of hard work, we launched our second battery product - LiFePO4 battery in 2016. The battery has a higher energy density, lasts longer, and is safer. This is another major breakthrough for us in the field of battery technology. In the early days, we have been doing battery OEMs without our own sales team. Seeing that the products we developed and produced were sold at such a high price, someone in our team finally suggested that this violated our original intention of making the world green. We have to have Our own sales department makes the best cost-effective products in the market. It wasn't until 2022 that we started to take action and established our own sales channels on Amazon and independent stations, and then we felt that we were getting closer to our dream.

The Temgot story is not over, we will continue to move forward and continue to innovate. Our goal is to create more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe battery products and contribute to global energy solutions.

We believe that every innovation is a step towards a better future. We look forward to working with you to witness the growth of Power Heart and jointly welcome a greener and more sustainable future.

This is the story of Temgot, a story about independent research and development and production of batteries, a story about innovation, persistence and dreams. We hope that through our products and services, we can help you realize your energy needs and create a better future together.